5 Golden Rules from Expert Christian Stammel

5 Golden Rules from Expert Christian Stammel

The CEO of WT | Wearable Technologies, selected as one of the Top 50 Decision Makers from Politics, Economic and Social, provides the ultimate tips on how to build the perfect wearable.

  1. Design Drives User Adaption: Visible vs. Invisible – That’s the big question.

  2. Energy Efficiency is Key: Wearable designers need to carefully evaluate opportunities in energy harvesting, easy charging solutions and the energy needs of every single electronics component.

  3. Interoperability and Reliability: Get the WT – TÜV SÜD certification mark to make sure you are meeting all important standards for wearables today.

  4. Data is Now: Adding secure and user – friendly data will increase your future revenue stream. Hardware is the concern of the past; now web and cloud services are key components to enhance usability.

  5. The Last Mile for your Customer: All companies are different. To receive the right margin maybe your business needs multiple business cases for each industry. It’s tricky to define a price point for B2B contacts and then for the end consumer.

WT is here to walk you through the difficult process of product making. Book a workshop with our team. Please choose from the services listed below or contact us for a tailor made workshop:

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Miss QT started her career with Credit Suisse Investment Bank issuing Structured Products to Private Banks, and later joined UBS Private Bank where she spent the bulk of her career. She works at a Technology Hedge Fund that specializes in global technology investments. A graduate of Duke University, she holds two degrees from the School of Engineering, and double majored in Computer Science and Mathematics. She trades the Global Equities Market and conducts proprietary reesearch on Algorithmic Investing (from Quandl with over 10 million datasets to Multicharts) to improve investment decisions. During her free time, Miss QT plays Golf.