Wearable Technology Conference 2016

Wearable Technologies Conference – Falling Asleep can be Fatal

Wearable Technologies Conference – Falling Asleep can be Fatal

According to Mr. Daniel Bongers, co-founder and current CTO of SmartCap Technologies, fatigue is a major causes of death on the roads and in construction industry.  Many deaths are cause by the drivers or the operators of the heavy machines falling asleep.  So it would be great for the employers to detect the fatigue level of their employees so that the really tired persons can be requested to take a break before they fall asleep.

The SmartCap technology is the perfect solution.  It is a blue tooth device that sits inside any cap or hat.  But monitoring the brain signal, it can give warnings when a certain fatigue level has been reached.  The signal can be sent to the employer, the family members or even the user himself so appropriate action can be taken like taking a hot break.

The SmartCap is deigned to fit in any caps or hats.  So it can work with many industries.  Two hours recharge can make the device work for a whole week.  The algorithm behind the SmartCap is extremely advanced to detect fatigue signals and produce early warnings.  This is indeed a life saving technology.


Wearable Technologies Conference – Wearables and Product Design

Wearable Technologies Conference – Wearables and Product Design

Wearable Technology Conference is the premier conference in the field of wearables.  Every year it is held in the US, Europe and Asia.  This year Hong Kong has the privilege to host the Wearable Technology Conference 2016 Asia at the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park.  The event was filled not only with talks by experts but also with the demonstration of the latest gadgets.  It is indeed a fun event.

One of the speakers is Paul Pugh, the founder and chief designer at Airline Design.  Paul has worked with the some of the largest global companies like Amazon, Microsoft and Apple in product design.  Airline Design, based in Tokyo, is focused on hardware/software integrated products including wearables for health, fitness and fashion.  Before that he was the Vice President of Connected Fitness Products at Under Armour.


Paul’s talk is titled “The Body as Interface and Understanding What it is Telling You”.  One of the major applications of wearable has been in sport.  Wearables has been deployed to help athlete to detect their movements and improve their performance.   Companies selling running shoes and athletic clothing have been analysing those data so their products can improve the performance of the users.  Sensors are deployed in shoes and clothing to record athletes’ movement accurately.  But Paul thinks it is only wearable 1.0.  In 2.0, the data will be used in a real time basis to give immediate feedback to athletes to give better performance.  That requires a better integration between sensors and softwares.

Another major application is in the area of health care.  When we get off the planes and go through the customs, our body temperature is monitored by the airports.  The idea is that our body broadcast important health information.  If wearables can detect those signals in a non-intrusive manner, many fatal diseases like heart attack may be avoidable.  Also wearable can be deployed to detect our sleeping pattern.  After all  many people suffer from sleep disorders.  In fact, there is a product called Pavlok that give jolts to wake up the user.

There are also devices under development that can detect our emotions and stress level.  Combined with artificial intelligence, the goal is to improve our quality of life.  Many devices like Apple Watch and Fitbit are to be put on the body.  To attract the consumers to use the products, the consumers have to like it.  That’s how product design comes into picture.  So a great challenge is to combine the utility and beauty so that the consumer is willing to use the devices and to benefit from them.


PulseOn announces its new white label OHR Tracker availability for B2B customers

PulseOn announces its new white label OHR Tracker availability for B2B customers


Hong Kong – October 12th 2016 – PulseOn released its first white label Optical Heart Rate (OHR) Tracker solution for B2B customers in sports, fitness, wellness and healthcare. We now have availability of test devices for chosen customers.

The PulseOn OHR Tracker is an ODM device for customers who are looking for a white label solution for their own branding. The device is designed for easy variant creation for wide range of use cases and offers open interfaces and tools for seamless integration with third party applications and services.

– Accurate up to maximum HR for reliable monitoring during sports
– HRV; Beat-to-beat accurate, high resolution for stress and recovery analysis
– Low power consumption for maximum battery life up to 7 days
– Enables 24/7 activity monitoring with HR tracking
– Communication over Bluetooth® low energy
– Sleep analyses including smart wake-up feature using vibrating motor
– Very simple and easy to use with stylish design and easy customization

About PulseOn:
PulseOn has over 50 man years of OHR research and development expertize and various pending patents for algorithms and device design. We offer our customers the highest quality OHR modules, tracker products and licensing solutions. PulseOn was founded in 2012 and is headquartered in Finland with subsidiary in Switzerland. Company is privately owned.

The constant development of our technology towards even higher heart rate accuracy, reliability and power optimization offers our customers the highest quality solutions for today and the future.

RIO 2016 Worldwide Product Launch – A New Era of Sports Begins!

RIO 2016 Worldwide Product Launch – A New Era of Sports Begins!

Rio de Janeiro, August 2016 – every year new records are set, and the Olympics are no exception. Intense training, talent, and unbreakable will lead athletes to new heights. But significant and less well known are the technical innovations or new trainings methods that also contributed to these successes. Adidas helped Jesse Owens to his four gold medals using revolutionary spiked track shoes during the 1936 Olympics. In 1954, the German national team overpowered Bern using innovative cleated shoes. This year, the 2016 Olympics begin a new era of sports with the German-made ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR!


Two and a half years of in-house development have gone into creating ANTELOPE.TECHWEAR – now on August 19 the complete series were presented to Sportsmen, international olympic athletes, journalists as well as authors at the worldwide product launch in Rio.

ANTELOPE is the sportswear of the future! Our vision is that every person regardless of their age and individual fitness level reaches their fitness goals and unlocks their potential. With ANTELOPE you can workout wherever and whenever you want in the most effective way, using the same technology as the world’s best athletes.  ANTELOPE is the first series of technologically-enhanced sportswear embedded with muscle-targeting electrodes that stimulate each of your major muscle groups. ANTELOPE is a game changer. It will disrupt the whole fitness and sports apparel industry. Our multiple award winning innovation can substitute every personal trainer, fitness machine and fitness club – our sportswear is the gym!

Wearable Life Science (WLS) was founded in March 2014 by Philipp G. Schwarz (serial entrepreneur) and Kay Rathschlag (EMS pioneer) together with sports scientist Patrick Thumm. Dr. Mynia Deeg (finance and medical expert) joined the management team in January 2016. In less than two years they built up an interdisciplinary team of currently 25 members. The team includes textile and electrical engineers, software and IT specialists, distribution, marketing and PR experts. They developed a never seen sports tech product consisting of three parts: a compressive textile with embedded electrodes and wiring and an innovative hardware and app to control the system. WLS raised 1.7 million EURO seed- and early-stage investment from nine experienced Business Angels.

ANTELOPE is the world’s first performance enhancing sportswear. The innovation is based on electro muscle stimulation (EMS). This technology originates from rehabilitation and competitive sport. EMS is used by many sports superstars like Usain Bolt, Rafael Nadal, the Klitschko brothers as also by the world’s best football teams Real Madrid and Bayern Munich.

i-Lume – Hong Kong Company wins Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup

i-Lume – Hong Kong Company wins Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup


26th January 2016, Munich

In an award ceremony in Germany, i-Lume was announced as winner of the prestigious Wearable Technology Innovation World Cup in the Safety & Security category.  i-Lume beat stiff competition from more than 500 international companies, innovators and startups who entered and shines a spotlight as i-Lume as a world leading wearable technology product.


i-Lume is a wearable LED lighting technology developed specifically for integration in garments and any type of fabric product.  i-Lume provides a safety feature for a sportswear, outerwear, industrial clothing, children’s wear and is already used by many global apparel brands to provide high visibility functionality for their garments.  i-Lume is now poised to make millions of garments more visible!

The Innovation World Cup, held annually, is the worldwide leading innovation competition in the fast paced wearable technologies sector.  i-Lume, based in Hong Kong, was the only Asian company to not only reach the finals (best 26 companies) but also go on to become a winner of the competition.

Isaac Man, i-Lume General Manager, says “We are delighted to be selected among so many high calibre entries in the wearable technology field.  It’s great to have an international jury as excited by this technology as we are.  The jury stated that they selected i-Lume for its for its beautifully engineered simplicity, its effective function and that it allows any garment to be turned into an item of Wearable Technology.

low key silhouette of a man and a girl cyclists



Babaali in Hong Kong for Wearable Technologies Conference 2016

Babaali in Hong Kong for Wearable Technologies Conference 2016


The demonstration will include Stripe LED Turn Signal Indicators, located front and back, which are controlled by a wireless remote. Featuring four (4) Functions – Double Flashing / Turn Left / Turn Right and also braking. The Wireless Remote attaches easily to handlebars which can be transferred between bikes.

Exhibiting over the two days of the conference, Babaali will also be showcasing the advanced features of its a heart rate monitor is seamlessly integrated into this cycling helmet. Connecting wirelessly to any smartphone using Bluetooth technology, this cycling helmet monitors your heart rate, giving you an accurate analysis of your performance.


Attendees will gain insight into the updated technologies along with appearance and accessories . Take advantage of the opportunity to witness a whole host of babaali helmet integrated into many new design and advanced functions designed for multi wearer using.

About Babaali:
Babaali is a world leading helmet manufacturer focusing on combining application of technology with performance and safety for the wearer in all aspects of life. Everything we do at Babaali is designed, tested and continually improved, in the field or on the trail. Also continually strive to make improvements and incorporate the latest technologies.

Contact us:
TEL: 086 13302560352

WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia Hong Kong is back (12 Oct)!

WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia Hong Kong is back (12 Oct)!

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 9.36.54 PM

WT | Wearable Technologies Conference Asia Hong Kong
is back. Register now for the fourth consecutive year in which WT | Wearable Technologies AG gathers the entire value chain of wearables at the Asian leg of the WT | Wearable Technologies Conferences.  Meet both innovative startups and well-known giants from all market segments and continents to learn about the technologies shaping the future.

Taking stage on Oct. 12 at Hong Kong Science Park, the Wearable Technologies Conference is set to showcase the most cutting edge technologies from our exhibitors and provide insight, sharing their unparalleled industry knowledge and real-life experiences from our international speakers like Smartcap, Australia, Lifesense Group, The Netherlands, Covestro and Osram, Germany, Lumenus, Los Angeles.

Since 2006, WT | Wearable Technologies AG stands for the most astonishing, vibrant and informative conference program in the wearable space.

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5 Golden Rules from Expert Christian Stammel

5 Golden Rules from Expert Christian Stammel

The CEO of WT | Wearable Technologies, selected as one of the Top 50 Decision Makers from Politics, Economic and Social, provides the ultimate tips on how to build the perfect wearable.

  1. Design Drives User Adaption: Visible vs. Invisible – That’s the big question.

  2. Energy Efficiency is Key: Wearable designers need to carefully evaluate opportunities in energy harvesting, easy charging solutions and the energy needs of every single electronics component.

  3. Interoperability and Reliability: Get the WT – TÜV SÜD certification mark to make sure you are meeting all important standards for wearables today.

  4. Data is Now: Adding secure and user – friendly data will increase your future revenue stream. Hardware is the concern of the past; now web and cloud services are key components to enhance usability.

  5. The Last Mile for your Customer: All companies are different. To receive the right margin maybe your business needs multiple business cases for each industry. It’s tricky to define a price point for B2B contacts and then for the end consumer.

WT is here to walk you through the difficult process of product making. Book a workshop with our team. Please choose from the services listed below or contact us for a tailor made workshop:

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