To achieve a compromise is a feat of diplomacy. We do it on a daily basis and sometimes not even realising it. At other times, the stark contrast in the available alternatives can make us think twice before arriving at a decision. We may be called upon to make sacrifices in order to achieve our objectives, so we must weigh up the pros and cons of whether it is worthwhile to invest our time and effort into seeing things through and perhaps giving up on some things which we have held on to. However, if we as individuals are uncompromising in nature and not willing to concede on short term losses for long term gains, we may forgo opportunities to realise something far greater than what we can imagine. Are you someone who keeps an open mind?

You say you will not compromise,
you say that it’s not fair,
for me to ask or to expect,
a deal in this affair.

I understand your point of view,
your worries I conceive,
to think it through, is all I ask,
and trust me and believe.

It may be short of your ideal,
and perfect, it is not,
but if you gave it half a chance,
it could be worth a shot.

There simply is no option that,
will ever be complete,
so at a point of middle ground,
we really have to meet.

I know agendas we possess,
do not always align,
and it becomes a match to see,
who has the stronger spine.

We both are willful and headstrong,
unyielding to the end,
this impasse simply will not break,
unless we can transcend.

If neither of us will concede,
or learn to give some ground,
a way to reach our mutual goals,
unlikely will be found.

Without a little sacrifice,
to broker us a truce,
what successful outcome can we,
just solely help produce?

So now before us is a choice,
to go our separate ways,
or stand united as a team,
to face the coming days.

How rigid are your principles?
How boundless is your pride?
For greater good, will you concede,
and bridge the great divide?

Must you issue ultimatums?
And can you not agree,
to keep an open mind on things,
and think not “I” but “We”?

For you have the prerogative,
and you must help decide,
but try your best to not refuse,
before you’ve even tried!

The Contemplative Poet is an award-winning poet who has travelled and worked across three continents. He has a passion for wordplay and is currently a legal professional in Hong Kong.