In life we often find ourselves at a crossroads and we are confronted with the decision to choose what we want for our future. Picking a certain path usually precludes all others, so tough choices may be required. Some decisions are easy and clear cut, while others may be very emotionally difficult. Whenever we encounter the latter, we will inevitably experience inertia and an overwhelming sense of reluctance stemming from not wanting to settle on a decision that we may regret later. However, the problems are unlikely to go away just because we procrastinate and hide from them, so it is better that we opt for what our gut is telling us and take a leap of faith. Whether we succeed or not in the future can be subject to so many factors and if we attempt to calculate all possible permutations, our heads will probably explode. Therefore, if we decided something based on the best information available at the time, we should rest assured in the knowledge that the choice we made was appropriate, and that, is all that matters.


Now at a crossroads, here we stand,
unable to decide,
between the paths we wish to take,
an angst that won’t subside.

A future lies beyond both doors,
and each with things we want,
but neither choice can co-exist,
the loss is bound to daunt.

For choosing one necessitates,
the other is forgone,
the consequences we must bear,
and bravely soldier on.

For opportunities in life,
can be unique and few,
when arise, we must determine,
whether we should to pursue.

A life of sheltered stableness,
a life of status quo,
or choose a life of hectic pace,
where nothing’s ever slow.

For time is seldom kind to us,
the clock is ticking fast,
when forced to take a leap of faith,
the chasm can be vast.

Until committed we don’t know,
just how deep we may fall,
or if our feet will touch the ground,
at any point at all.

But we cannot allow ourselves,
to dwell in doubt or fear,
no choice is ever worth regret,
and we must persevere.

For if we truly dare to hope,
to stand out and succeed,
we must accept that in this life,
there’s nothing guaranteed.

We need to be prepared to face,
the circumstance ahead,
and sacrifice some things we love,
meet challenges we dread.

For otherwise, how will we know,
the heights we can achieve,
if stuck at crossroads we remain,
unwilling to believe.

The Contemplative Poet is an award-winning poet who has travelled and worked across three continents. He has a passion for wordplay and is currently a legal professional in Hong Kong.