A friend is someone who is always there for us. Someone who supports us and sympathizes with our cause. However, it can also mean a lot more than that. They can be our closest confidant, our sounding board and our inspiration during both happy and sad times. Yet true friends are not easy to come by. Perhaps it is because we are often too preoccupied with looking out for ourselves rather than the welfare of those around us. While this may simply be human nature, it doesn’t necessarily make it right. We all know the qualities that a good friend ought to possess, but how often do we exhibit these qualities ourselves? Do we ever take friendships for granted, only to appreciate them when they’re gone? So, how would you rate yourself as a friend?

I’m really glad that we had met,
your friendship means a lot,
I really do appreciate,
and cherish what we’ve got.

It isn’t always easy to,
find someone we connect,
someone who always understands,
and someone we respect.

So when we meet a person who,
personifies this role,
it’s really something each of us,
should take time to extol.

For our life on this Earth is short,
and time is running out,
and making every moment count,
is what it’s all about.

By finding people who can share,
the joys of every day,
it makes our living more worthwhile,
in such a special way.

Friends are the family whom we choose,
to be there by our side,
the people we know we can trust,
with secrets we confide.

Who will not judge us for our flaws,
accept us as we are,
no matter how peculiar,
eccentric or bizarre.

Who we can count on for support,
who always will be there,
who has a shoulder and an ear,
that always can be spared.

But over time, undoubtedly,
the circumstance will test,
to see if friendships bear the strength,
to stay true and progress.

As sometimes even tiny things,
can blow up in our face,
a simple unintended slight,
construed as to debase.

Blinding anger clouds our judgment,
and heated words exchanged,
the parties walk away confused,
dejected and estranged.

And at those points we have to choose,
if it will be worthwhile,
to set aside the differences,
and go that extra mile.

Recalling all the positives,
the common points we shared,
acknowledging that all of us,
at some point must have erred.

The problems in relationships,
we easily can mend,
if only we forsake the grudge,
remember why we’re friends.

Cause in the end, it’s up to us,
to choose the people who,
will join us on our journey forth,
I’m glad I’ve chosen you.

The Contemplative Poet is an award-winning poet who has travelled and worked across three continents. He has a passion for wordplay and is currently a legal professional in Hong Kong.