Google Translate App now supports Instant Voice and Visual Translations!

Google Translate App now supports Instant Voice and Visual Translations!

Your smartphone can now be your private Interpreter, thanks to Google Translate App.

Voice Translator
Google officially announced on Wednesday its updated App, which allows both iOS and Android users to carry on a conversation in two different languages.

The company said the update took people “one step closer to turning [their smartphones] into a universal translator and to a world where language is no longer a barrier”.

The only limitation is that the app can currently only handle translations from English to and from French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Russian and Spanish.

Google said it is working to expand to more languages.

Users of the new app simply talk to the built-in Microphone of their phones and get a written translation, in real-time on their screens.


Visual Translator
The Visual Translator is just as commendable, it allows users to instantly translate phrases, into 36 languages, using their phone’s Camera, similar to the way they take a picture.

This works without a Wi-Fi or a data connection.

Life will be alot easier when navigating street signs and deciding what food to order in foreign countries.

Google Word Lens Android GIF

The update will begin rolling out to both iOS and Android users from today.

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  1. LisaPalmer says:

    Great feature, I suppose. But any technology nowadays isn’t able to outplace humans, that’s a fact. Otherwise, there won’t be existing so many translators and translation agencies ( I used to co-work with ) and people won’t pay them for their job.

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