They say that we are only limited by our imagination and we never know how high we can climb or how far we can jump unless we try. But once we try and don’t succeed, does it mean we should give up? We hear of miracles and impossible feats every day. Individuals testing the boundaries of their human potential and striving to achieve their own personal best. For us, it may not happen today or even tomorrow. However, if we endeavour to break our limitations, eventually we will achieve our dreams and realise our goals. For things that mean a lot to us, it is worth going that extra step to make it happen. No matter how discouraging the people around us may be, sometimes they just need to be proven wrong in order to believe. If we can only keep the faith ourselves, the world will be our oyster and the boundaries we once knew or were taught to believe in can be redefined. Are you ready to accept the challenge?

They tell us it cannot be done,

it’s not within our genes,
we lack the strength and force of will,
as well as proper means.

They say there’s no chance of success,
they say we’re doomed to fail,
they say we ought to stay at home,
for we might break a nail.

They say we are quixotical,
the effort, not worthwhile,
that this is not the time nor place,
to face up to a trial.

They say that pigs will never fly,
they say that hell will freeze,
before our goals are met we’ll die,
of old age or disease.

But what do these naysayers know,
they thought the world was flat,
and they would never contemplate,
to surpass where they’re at.

They have become too practical,
they’ve lost the gift to dream,
to see beyond the surface of,
what something just may seem.

Knowing our own limitations,
a good thing in itself,
but we must not let it constrain,
our drive to raise oneself.

With aspirations, we must aim,
beyond the moon and stars,
imagination is the key,
the only thing that bars.

So have you faith to give your best,
in order to succeed?
To fight against tremendous odds,
and never to concede?

For that’s the hallmark of someone,
who lives to change the rules,
not follow blindly in belief,
in wisdom held by fools.

The Contemplative Poet is an award-winning poet who has travelled and worked across three continents. He has a passion for wordplay and is currently a legal professional in Hong Kong.