At the start of each year, we are invited to think about what resolutions we should make for the new year. Should we learn something new? Experience something exotic? Be courageous and tell someone we loved them? Go somewhere we have never been or eat something we have never tried? Regardless of what it is, the new year brings about infinite possibilities and all you need is to maintain a willingness to seize the day and live life to the fullest. However, despite our best intentions, there is usually a degree of inertia when it comes to actually going through with something and we have a tendency to give up along the way. So have you picked yours for the year and are you willing to see it through to the last?

Another year has been and gone,

we ask ourselves again,
what resolutions shall we try,
to uphold and maintain.

For every promise we have made,
a promise we would break,
and any goal that we commit,
we lazily forsake.

Perhaps we simply lose the drive,
the will to carry on,
and all our new year aims and plans,
we treat as if foregone.

But if we always let it slide,
then what would be the point,
of swearing that we will behave,
but always disappoint.

So maybe this year we’ll prevail,
and simple not allow,
another year of chances missed,
and further broken vows.

And maybe this year we will see,
the error of our ways,
and not repeat our tendency,
to act as such clichés.

And maybe this year we’ll try hard,
for everything, persist,
and not give up so easily,
pretend they don’t exist.

But human nature is as such,
and more we can’t expect,
though in the end, the outcome will,
reflect what we neglect!


The Contemplative Poet is an award-winning poet who has travelled and worked across three continents. He has a passion for wordplay and is currently a legal professional in Hong Kong.