TNG Wallet makes Big Leap with 2.0 Version

TNG Wallet makes Big Leap with 2.0 Version

TNG Wallet makes Big Leap with 2.0 Version
Featuring pioneer 365 days year-round Cash Withdrawal Hotspots,
Bank Transfer, Credit Card Top-up and TNG Membership


The well-received e-payment for taxi rides in Hong Kong is just one of the many recent milestones achieved by TNG Wallet.  The latest winner of various international Fintech accolades, TNG Wallet never settles with its initial success in the retail and transportation industries, and its latest launch of TNG Wallet 2.0 is the manifestation of its pioneering vision in taking the digital payment ecosystem in Hong Kong to the next level.  TNG Wallet 2.0 is indeed revolutionary with its three major upgrades, namely 365 days year-round cash withdrawal hotspots, bank transfer, and instant credit card top-up service, and TNG Membership.

Addition of 27 Year-Round Cash Withdrawal Hotspots offer Users Emergency Cash Access:
Transforming Hong Kong into a “cashless” city is always at the centre of TNG Wallet’s strategy, yet launching a cash withdrawal service in consolidation of local market practice ensures TNG users can enjoy both cash and cashless spending convenience in daily transactions.  Partnering with First International Resources Ltd. and Unison Foreign Exchange Ltd., TNG Super VIP (“SVIP”) members can now easily withdraw up to HK$50,000 in cash per day from their TNG Wallet by scanning the QR code of the withdrawn amount with their smartphone and entering the transaction PIN at the 27 strong Unison and MTR line-bound First Exchange hotspot network.

TNG Membership presents numerous unique User Offers:
Join the new TNG Membership and enjoy premium transaction, value storage, withdrawal and top-up experience through TNG Wallet.  A three-tier membership structure seeks to address different cashless payment needs, allowing users to freely register for Normal, VIP, or SVIP membership.  Users will benefit from an array of basic services such as Person-to-Person (P2P), Money Transfer to friends, Real-time Bill Payment, Person-to-Merchant (P2M) Payment, Receiving Payment, e-Coupons, and e-Tickets, to upgraded services like bank transfer, credit card top-up, and cash withdrawal exclusively for VIP Member and SVIP Member.  It takes merely 30 seconds for a new user to install and register the TNG Wallet app as a Normal Member.  For VIP Member applications, users are required to submit personal information through their smartphone, and for SVIP Member, users have to complete a registration in person.

Mr. Alex Kong, Founder and Chief Executive Officer of TNG, stated the three-tier TNG membership allows users to customise their own TNG Wallet service experience, “The flexible TNG Membership is highly customisable for users to tailor their e-payment needs.  TNG will expand its offerings to members from time to time for optional user experience.”

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 10.00.21 AM

Pioneering Services extend to Bank Transfer and Credit Card Top-up Services:
TNG Wallet is at the forefront of the latest e-payment trend and a first mover in Hong Kong’s P2P transfer development by launching the popular P2P transfer service in November 2015.  TNG Wallet also announced the launch of Bank Transfer service today, allowing VIP and SVIP members to transfer the stored value in their TNG Wallet to more than 20 licensed banks without any handling fee.  The service has a minimum transfer amount of HK$100 with no limit and unlimited daily transaction that will be settled within one working day at the earliest (next working day settlement for transfer submitted before 4pm).  

Apart from Bank Transfer services, TNG VIP or SVIP members enjoy extra top-up convenience, anytime and anywhere, by link up their credit cards (applicable to VISA Card and MasterCard issued in Hong Kong only) with the same printed name of users to their TNG Wallet upon membership registration.  Once the application is verified, the credit card will be added as a top-up option for TNG Wallet.  Mr. Kong underlined the user convenience of the new credit card top-up feature, “Our VIP and SVIP members can link up more than one credit card with their TNG Wallet after submitting an application via their smartphone, and this provides added convenience in times of urgent or unexpected cash need.”

Service Coverage extends to Major Retail Chains and Charities:
After reaching cooperation agreement with the city’s prominent taxi operators, the latest cooperation between TNG Wallet and Pricerite as the first large furniture chain stores to accept TNG payment is a progressive step in TNG’s partnership with the prominent retail operator, essentially driving the development of Hong Kong’s e-payment market with full coverage of all basic necessities.  After connecting 32 Pricerite outlets in Hong Kong with TNG Wallet, Mr. Kong was delighted to add another cashless spending convenience, “TNG Wallet allows enterprises to minimise their operating costs, and leverage the convenience of e-payment to attract customers.  We are looking to extend our cooperative network and collaboration with the Hong Kong business community across all industries, to speed up the development of the e-payment industry and bring more tangible and cost-saving e-Wallet benefits to our merchants and users through the ever-widening adoption of such a concept.”

Through cooperation with charitable organisations Mother’s Choice and Helping Hand, TNG Wallet is more than a convenient retail payment option but also a direct channel for charitable donations.  Mr. Kong shared his vision on cooperation with charitable organisations, “High administrative costs have always been a concern for fundraising activities among charities, and TNG Wallet offers them an effective solution.  From now, Hong Kong people can make charitable donations via TNG Wallet with just a few clicks on their smartphone, while charitable organisations no longer require a large number of street fundraisers; this significantly increases efficiency and reduces administrative costs.”

Speaking of the much anticipated TNG Wallet 2.0, Mr. Kong commented, “It has only been eight months since TNG Wallet’s inception and launch, and TNG Wallet will continue to innovate and dedicate its leading-edge technology to optimise its existing services and launch new features.  The more intuitive TNG Wallet 2.0 significantly enhances our Membership system, service coverage as well as cash withdrawal, top-up and transfer features, and we are confident that TNG Wallet 2.0 will soon become a “must-have” among Hong Kong people.”

About TNG:
Founded in 2013, TNG is committed to bringing its leading-edge technology to enhance the life of Hong Kong people through its next generation payment, money transfer and lifestyle management solutions.  TNG is a user-friendly and technologically-advanced electronic wallet that combines innovative promotion and marketing strategies, such as online-to-offline (O2O) transactions and payments, targeted marketing, member benefits, e-tickets and e-coupons in one solution on the smartphone for users to settle transactions such as purchase payments, bill payments and convenient peer-to-peer (P2P) money transfers.

TNG’s convenient and free-to-user value adding (top-up) service is available at numerous merchants in Hong Kong, including all 759 Stores, all 7-Eleven convenience stores, all Jetco ATM terminals, as well as the online banking platform of selected banks.  Thanks to the built-in customer relationship management (CRM) platform which is free to merchants, merchants can now enjoy a more affordable non-cash option with low handling fee, and significant improvement in their cash flow through TNG’s fast settlement of transactions with merchants.

TNG is committed to revolutionising the way consumers shop and pay by providing the most convenient and affordable electronic wallet services for corporate and individual users.  At the same time, TNG continues to leverage its cutting-edge technology by optimising its next generation electronic payment system to create a more efficient and convenient lifestyle for users, taking Hong Kong’s fintech and e-payment industries to a higher level.  Step Forward with TNG.

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TNG Wallet香港人的電子錢包2.0大突破


香港人的電子錢包TNG Wallet
於月前正式登陸的士業界,使其聲名大噪,獲得廣大市民的大力支持。繼於運輸業界大展拳腳後,TNG電子錢包並沒有放慢發展步伐,最近取得多個世界性金融科技公司大奬,令香港人再次感到驕傲;是次TNG電子錢包正式宣佈推出2.0版本,於轉帳、提款、增值及消費各方面作出突破性發展,誓擔當香港電子支付行業的先行者角色。是次版本主要分成三大範疇,包括增設全天候「現金提款熱點」、「銀行轉帳」、「信用卡增值」服務,實施TNG會員制 。

破天荒增設超過27個全天候現金提款熱點 讓用戶提取現金應急
TNG電子錢包的推出其中一大宗旨為推動香港實現「無現鈔」的夢想,但與此同時亦明白現時香港仍有眾多市民或商店倚賴現金交易,故宣佈由即日起推出現金提款服務,使TNG至尊會員可以TNG電子錢包到提款熱點提取現金作不同用途。TNG於今月與第一國際資源有限公司﹙First International Resources Ltd.﹚及裕新找換有限公司﹙Unison Foreign Exchange Ltd.﹚達成合作,使TNG至尊會員可於兩間公司旗下共27間分店提取TNG電子錢包內的款項,每日現金提款上限為港幣$5萬元。第一兌換店絕大部份分店每天的營業時間超過10小時,方便TNG至尊會員於一星期七天皆可提取電子錢包內的款項,而且分店多設於鐵路沿線,非常方便。TNG至尊會員只需憑TNG電子錢包到提款熱點,以手機掃描相對金額的二維碼﹙QR Code﹚及輸入交易密碼後便能成功提款,過程方便快捷。


實施TNG會員制 用戶享受更無限制

TNG行政總裁江慶恩先生認為TNG會員制度可令不同需要的用戶可選擇不同的服務,「TNG建立的會員制度靈活性極高,用戶可按自己需要,自由選擇會藉及服務。此外,TNG亦會不時推出不同優惠予會員,令 TNG用戶有更佳體驗。」

Screen Shot 2016-06-23 at 9.35.21 AM


除了「銀行轉帳」服務外,登記成為TNG尊貴會員或至尊會員後,還可以設定同名信用卡帳戶作為增值渠道。為了提供更多更方便的增值方法,由即日起TNG尊貴會員或至尊會員可申請連結其同名的信用卡﹙只適用於香港發行之VISA Card及MasterCard﹚至TNG電子錢包,申請確認後便可隨時隨地以信用卡作增值。TNG行政總裁江慶恩先生認為新增信用卡作為TNG電子錢包增值的渠道可更方便用戶:「TNG尊貴會員或至尊會員可透過手機辦理登記手續,而用戶更可連結多於一張信用卡作增值用途,相信可解決眾多用戶的燃眉之急。」


擴大服務版圖 商戶覆蓋大型連鎖集團及慈善機構


TNG行政總裁江慶恩先生直言一直非常期待TNG電子錢包2.0的推出,「TNG電子錢包面世至今只有短短8個月,但一直持續加強現有服務及推出新功能 。TNG電子錢包2.0的推出更加貼近用戶需要,無論會員制度、服務覆蓋率以至提款、增值及轉帳的功能皆有大幅度提升。我們希望全新的TNG電子銀包2.0能於未來成為每名港人隨身的必需品。」




TNG致力為企業以及個人用戶提供最便捷而且價格相宜的電子支付平台,以求為現時的流動付款消費模式揭開革命性的一頁。與此同時,公司領先的技術亦將致力為新世代的電子付款時代出一分力,為用戶帶來更有效而便利的生活方式,並且帶領香港,走得更前﹙Step Forward

[1] 詳見金管局持牌銀行列表,
[2] 視乎個別銀行及商戶結算時間

[3] 每次收取增值金額的2.5%作手續費
[4] 以下情況無法註冊TNG電子錢包:1. 電話SIM Card屬一卡兩號、2. 手機內安裝兩張SIM Card3. 電話號碼設定了來電轉駁服務或4. 用於註冊電話號碼SIM Card並非用於申請服務的流動裝置內


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